We believe that the greatest benefit that we can provide to others is to help improve the financial literacy of the people we serve.  We believe that improved education will help people evaluate long term impacts of short and long term decisions, help people make better decisions, and help reduce financial stress.

Please review the list of financial workshops below and contact us to get registered for the next available workshop that addresses one of your concerns.

Who Should I Trust? – There is no shortage of financial information available to consumers today and no shortage of sources that you can find it.  This course is designed to help people make sense of all the information that is available and how to determine who has the skill to address of your needs.

What is a Financial Health Assessment? – We believe that like medical health, your financial health is also very important.  We have designed this course to help you evaluate your overall financial health so you can identify any weaknesses and develop an action plan to improve them.

Where Should My Money Be Now? – There are so many places that you can put your money and so many things that factor into the decisions you need to make.  This course is designed to help you understand risks, fees, and the impacts of changes in the world on your money.

Is My Life Insurance Broken? – Life insurance is complicated and has a lot more moving parts than it used to.  This course is designed to help people determine how much coverage it takes to address the needs of their family if they die too soon, make sure that the policy stays in force as long as it needs to, and that adjustments can be made to save money when possible.

What Must I Know About Social Security? – Older people are often concerned with how to make the right choices with filing and how to make it last, and your people are often concerned with if it will be there when they retire.  This course is designed for everyone from 18 to 80 and covers the highlights of social security as well as some ideas for making good short term and long term decisions about social security.

What Must I Know About Medicare? – Medicare is a lot more complicated than many people think.  The first decision can be the most important decision because you may never be able to change.  This course is designed to help people understand the initial decision and how changes can impact them.

How Do I Create a Lifetime Income Retirement Plan? – Some people struggle with planning their income and expenses while they are working but making decisions early can have dramatic impacts to the amount of income you will receive when you can no longer work.  This course is designed to help people create a plan to try to prevent them of running out of money and being prepared for inflation, market risk, health issues, and death.

What Are My Options For Nursing Homes? – We understand that this conversation is not pleasant, but knowing your options are very important.  This course is designed to help people understand what options are available to you if you do not create a plan of your own.  There is a government option, and you will want to know what it is because not all plans require Long Term Care insurance.  This is something that should be approached as a family.

How Do I Prepare for College, or …? – Not everyone wants to or needs to plan for sending kids to college but everyone will make at least one major purchase in their lives.  This course was designed to help people plan for the unknowns with college planning or for other major purchases so you can start early and work towards your goal.

How Do I Create An Estate Plan? – Many people think that all they need to do to plan for death is have a will.  This course was designed to help people understand that is just the first of many decisions and the sooner can remove a lot of stress from your life.  You need to know who you want to get your money when you die and an estate plan can help you make sure that happens optimally.

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