Elite Wealth Partners is a comprehensive financial planning firm.  We have spent 5 years designing a financial health system to help clients achieve confidence that they are prepared for all the major road bumps that may occur in life.  Below is a brief summary of our 10 step process that can be completed in any order based on your current situation, and we can skip any steps that you feel you have addressed.

  1. Step One – Financial Health Assessment – We will start with a step-by-step analysis of your overall financial health. Then we will strive to create a sound financial
    foundation or evaluate an existing financial foundation for opportunities to refine.
  2. Step Two – Investment Portfolio Review – We will review your existing investments to make sure that you understand them and they are suitable for you.
    We will review total fees, net performance, and overall fit into your goals and objectives.
  3. Step Three – Life Insurance Review – We will review your existing life insurance policies to make sure that you understand them and they are suitable for you.
    If there is a more suitable policy we can shop the market for something that is a better fit for you.
  4. Step Four – Complete Insurance Review – We will review your health, disability, long-term care, funeral trust, auto insurance and/or renters/homeowners insurance
    for overall fit into your goals and objectives.
  5. Step Five – Social Security Planning – We will review your Social Security reports and evaluate your filing options for overall fit into your goals and objectives.
    We will also review legislation changes and how they impact you and make changes as needed.
  6. Step Six – Income for Life Plan – We will evaluate your current and future financial needs and help you create improved confidence by using in-depth income analysis and
    strategies to create a lifelong income plan focused on meeting your income needs with sufficient and guaranteed income you cannot outlive.
  7. Step Seven – College Planning or Other Large Purchases – We will review your college needs if you have children or other large purchases you may be planning if you don’t have
    children so we can prepare for the impacts to your long term retirement income plan.
  8. Step Eight– Long Term Care vs Medicaid Planning Options – We will help you develop your own plan so you don’t have to use a basic government plan.
  9. Step Nine – Essential Document Review – We will review the remaining documents from the financial health assessment and make sure we develop strategies to
    help put the rest of your financial house in order.
  10. Step Ten – Estate Planning – We will consider taxation, probate fees, and attorney fees to make sure that we design a sound strategy to pass your estate
    according to your goals and objectives.

Next Steps…

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Cory J. Dawkins

Senior Partner

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